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Septic Repairs & Replacements in St. Augustine and Surrounding Areas

Drain Field Services
Septic Pumping Repair
Grinder Pump Repair
Septic Systems Inspections

Quality Work on Your Septic System & Sump Pump

You know how inconvenient a faulty septic system can be at your home or business. A toilet that keeps backing up or a flooding basement can ruin your floors and put a halt to your daily life. East Coast Septic Services has an experienced team ready to perform various essential services at your property, including septic repairs and replacements. Clients also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our three-year warranty on all Liberty brand products. Our licensed contractors handle a wide array of commercial and residential septic needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

CAT excavator

East Coast Septic Services‘ Ample Experience & Training

East Coast Septic Services has been working with septic systems of all types for years. Our time in business has let us amass an extensive understanding of all aspects of septic services, such as repairs, replacements, and installations. It takes seasoned professional expertise to ensure your tank, sewer line, and other components stay in top condition and function optimally. With our team taking care of your needs, you get the assurance we perform all work correctly the first time to avoid costly problems in the future. Trying to do it yourself or hiring an apathetic service provider with less experience can result in expensive messes.

septic truck

Our Comprehensive Services for Homes & Businesses

A home or business has many components working together to keep the structure functioning without occupants worrying about flooding and other issues. Our team offers clients top-notch services like septic system installations, repairs, and pumping. We will also inspect your septic system to spot issues and resolve them before they grow into disastrous messes. Let us install, repair, or replace your drain field, or you can call on us for grinder pump repair and sales. Whatever your septic and pumping needs might be, we are trained and experienced at handling them quickly and conclusively.

Proudly Serving Clients in St. Augustine and Surrounding Areas

East Coast Septic Services appreciates the communities we serve and offers free estimates on the services they need. If you have an issue with your sump pump or septic system, we will gladly visit your property and assess how we can restore it.